How to Use Web-Based Tools for Your Small Business



How to Use Web-Based Tools for Your Small Business

How to Use Web-Based Tools for Your Small Business? Your business may be poised to grow this year, but you might not be sure how to get to the next level. Take a look at what you need to know about websites, marketing, and other business-building options that can help you to become the next big thing in your town. 

Do You Have a Website?

Does your business have a website? If not, you need to design one as soon as possible. While your business may have existed on word of mouth or brought in plenty of new customers with printed paper brochures in the heydays of the 1980s, you need a modern approach if you want to market to today’s customers. This means you need a website that combines form and functionality to create an attractive, easy-to-use experience. 

While you can continue to spread the word through customers and community members and hand out or mail brochures,a website adds another layer to your overall marketing strategy. This tech-savvy approach allows you to reach customers you might not otherwise. It can also help you to retain customers. An integrated site that combines marketing-based materials with content created specifically for your niche caters to both potential and current customers. 

Don’t Worry About Learning Web Design

If you need to build a website or you want to completely redesign the one you already have, you might be wondering what’s next. If you aren’t technically inclined or have no experience with web design, you need to contact a professional. A web design pro can assess your business needs, compare the online presence of your competitors, and create a site that fits your individual needs. 

If you plan to add content or a special area for existing customers, a do-it-yourself website isn’t a realistic option for novice web designers. Instead, you need to hire a pro to create a standout aesthetic that is easy for almost anyone to use. 

Do Include Social Media

An easy-to-use website is the first step toward a tech-savvy marketing and customer retention approach. But it isn’t the only way to create an online presence. Social media can help you to reach new customers. It can also give you a way to connect to existing students and create a close business community. 

If you aren’t tech-savvy or you have a limited knowledge of social media, hire a professional. A social media pro can work with the web designer to integrate various social accounts (such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) into your site. They can also create and help you to maintain your social media pages. 

Don’t Use Generic Content

A quick image search can reveal hundreds of generic business photos. Even though these pictures may have plenty of flash and energetic excitement behind them, your would-be customers will likely find the same images on other business websites. 

Stand out from the pack and show future customers what you have to offer with a website (and social media pages) filled with your own photos. Along with your own pictures, include content you or a professional writer created specifically for your business’s page. These could include: 

  • Photos of your employees, and buildings. Show off your employee of the month. Add action photos, fun, and work culture. 
  • Photos of what you do. Give future customers the chance to see what your business does in action.
  • Client  statements. Ask your clients to write recommendations that you can post on your website. 
  • Introductory content. Introduce yourself, your business, and your goals and what you stand for. 


Make sure you get the proper photo releases from students, parents, or anyone featured on your website or social media pages. Consult a legal professional to learn more about local and web-based rules and regulations. Are you ready to expand your online presence? Contact Beginends for more information.

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