Local SEO 2021: findable locally in 4 steps

Local SEO in 2021 is booming. Did you know that 28% of local searches lead to a purchase? By responding to local SEO you will be found quickly and easily by your local target group in search engines such as Google. But how do you start here? And what does it all involve? We explain how you can be found locally in 4 steps.

Local SEO is extremely valuable for local businesses such as bakeries, hairdressers, shops, restaurants, service providers, etc. 18% of local searches on smartphones lead to a purchase within a day. This is in contrast to non-local searches, where only 7% led to a sale.

The 3 types of local search results

  1. Localized Organic Results
  2. ‘Local Pack’ Results
  3. Google My Business profile

Locally findable in 4 steps

  1. Verify your Google My Business
  2. Collect reviews
  3. Provide local listings
  4. Localize your meta titles and descriptions

What is Local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization . This simply means optimizing your website to be found better in search engines like Google. The goal is to improve your rankings on the most important keywords so that more people find, contact and buy you. Did you know that on average 50% of all website visitors come from organic search traffic? Organic search traffic consists of website visitors that came in through unpaid searches. It is therefore very important to be shown in the top search results when your potential target group searches for a keyword that is important to you.

What is the difference between local SEO and traditional SEO?

Traditional SEO focuses on improving visibility on a national scale. In some cases even on a global scale. This is in contrast to local SEO, where the focus is on improving local visibility. 

In recent years, Google has been making its algorithms smarter. This allows Google to quickly find out when a search query has a local search intent. For example, if you type ‘baker’ on Google, you will see several bakeries in the area. This happens even without adding a place name to the search.

The importance of local SEO in 2021

Local SEO is very valuable for local businesses such as bakers, hairdressers, shops, restaurants, service providers, etc. When someone searches for ‘bakery’, chances are that this person is quickly looking for fresh bread. The Think with Google research also shows that local searches have a high purchase intention . They investigated the local search behavior of consumers. It found that 18% of local smartphone searches resulted in a purchase within a day. This is in contrast to non-local searches, where only 7% led to a sale.

The 3 types of local search results

  • Localized Organic Results

The oldest form of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP), in which the organic search results are provided with a local touch.

  • ‘Local Pack’ Results

The ‘Local Pack’ usually stands out in a SERP because of its large size. A Local Pack is shown in 93% of local searches. Interesting to mention is that the first search result receives an average of 25% of all clicks. In comparison: 2nd and 3rd place respectively yield 14% and 10% of all clicks.

  • Google My Business profile

The Google My Business profiles are in most cases displayed when a company name is searched. They contain a lot of valuable information such as the address, opening hours, phone number, reviews, etc. 

The 3 triggers of the Google local algorithm

  1. Proximity – Based on your location, Google can figure out the distance between the searcher and your business. The closer the searcher is to your business, the more likely your business will be shown in local search results. 
  2. Relevance – Google tries to find the best match between a search query and the available search results. The more relevant your content is to the search query, the more likely your business will be shown in local search results.
  3. Prominence – Google is more likely to show websites they think are more important than competitors. A high authority score of your website is of great importance here. 

Locally findable in 4 steps

1) Verify your Google My Business

A first step to being found locally faster is to sign up for free at Google My Business . By verifying your business, Google knows about your existence and location. This immediately boosts your local SEO. In addition, we recommend that you supplement your profile as much as possible with the latest company information via the user-friendly dashboard. The more information you as a company provide for your potential target group, the greater your chance of a high ranking in the local search results.

2) Collect reviews

You can share the Google review page with customers on your business profile homepage. This way they can leave a review about your company. Google reviews are very valuable because they will help you get a better ranking in Google Maps. It also contributes to gaining the trust of future visitors. 

3) Provide local listings

You can also improve your company’s local SEO by including listings in business directories such as YELP . Make sure that the most important company details such as name, address and telephone number are correctly stated. The more often you are present on business directories, the greater the chance of a higher ranking in the local search results. When your company is listed on the most important business directories, this ensures that both Google and visitors gain more confidence in your company. 

4) Localize your meta titles and descriptions

Finally, we recommend that you adjust the meta titles and descriptions to improve your local SEO. You do this by adding local keywords or place names. This also has a direct positive impact on the click-through rate (CTR) of your organic listing.

Getting started with Local SEO

Do you want locals to find your business online? Then you need to understand local SEO. For that reason, you will have to work hard in 2021 to get into the local search results. Curious how we do this too? Download the Ultimate Local SEO Guide 2021 for free and start gaining extra local traffic today.


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