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Do you have a new business? Then you want customers. Are you an established company? Then your demand for customers is also there. As your business grows, so does your customer demand. Logical. After all, without customers you have no right to exist. But do you have the idea that there is a demand for your product or service, but consumers somehow do not end up with you but your competitors? Then it's time to take a closer look at your marketing strategy.

Start creating personas. Who are you actually talking to? Where can they be found? Only then can you build a strategy.

Buyer personas guide

Buyer personas are indispensable. But how do you make them? Download the buyer persona’s guide with examples!

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This is how we help you get more customers

Your company needs a healthy and sustainable customer base. In the following steps you will see how we can help you with a qualitatively larger customer base.

1. Postpone your marriage proposal

You meet a handsome, wonderful man. He asks you on a date and you can't wait. On the first date, he starts talking about kids and then asks you to marry him. Such stories usually do not end well. Yet this still happens every day in the marketing world: too much is asked of customers too quickly. We like to approach this differently and in a more humane way.

2. Personas & Objectives

You can somewhat compare a shopping trip with the search for love. That has to grow. Get to know and trust someone better first. We are slowly going one step further. Just like in real life! This is how we build lasting relationships. We first set up personas and objectives: who is your ideal customer and how many more customers do you want to reach?

3. Shopping trip

We integrate your personas into the buying journey: the awareness, consideration and decision phase. For each stage, we provide relevant content for your personas through channels where they are located. For example, we distribute a video via YouTube advertising (target audience: women aged 18-25) about a problem that someone is experiencing (awareness phase).

4. Radiate authority

You know everything about your product or service and the industry in which you operate. We let you radiate that authority so that you are visible to customers and they do not look for it at your competitor. Your website becomes a source of information for interested parties at every stage of the buying journey. This will make them realize that they shouldn't be with anyone but you!

5. Automate

“Never forget to close the loop” with follow-ups. If you fail to do this, you will miss great opportunities to convert leads into customers. Yet that happens all too often. With automation software such as Fluent CRM you have everything mapped out and you do not forget to follow up a single lead with automatic follow-ups. You will be amazed at how many more customers this brings.

6. Reporting

Of course we want to report all those great results in a great way. You will receive a link to a (customized) Google Data Studio dashboard. This can be viewed at any time with real-time data. Every month you will receive an analysis and action points that we explain over the phone. Oh yes, we love to share moments of success every now and then!

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