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What happens if you search for your company name on social media, in Google or on YouTube? Or to your products or services? In the ideal world, your profile, your website, or your channel should appear at the top of the search results. At least in the first three results. If not, then it's time to do something about your online visibility!

81% of consumers do online research before making a major purchase. It would be nice if your company was found!

7 Tips for a greater online reach

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This is how we ensure more reach

An important success factor in doing business online is your visibility . Does your target audience know about your existence? Are you seen and found? If they don't know you, they won't choose you. Read how we introduce you!

1. Personas & Objectives

A good online presence is important, but if you only reach 50+ people with your trendy children's clothing, you are still missing the point. So we always start with creating personas. What does your ideal customer look like based on research, data and current customers? In addition, we set SMART objectives.

2. Select channels

By increasing your reach and the number of contact moments, you increase trust. You seduce people and make sure you are top-of-mind as soon as someone needs your product. We create this by choosing channels where your ideal target group is present. You get meaningful reach by not only promoting your brand, but also providing content that can benefit your personas.

3. Creation visuals & content

If the channels are chosen wisely, we shape the content. That could be video adssocial media postsGoogle Ads and so on. All expressions must be relevant to the target group and the relevant channel. The idea behind creating reach is: the more relevant people know you, the more conversions you generate.

4. Optimization

During the work, we always strive for the best result. We find this out by testing, experimenting and measuring. This way we always show the strongest ads on channels that achieve the most results. In doing so, we always have the objective in our sights.

5. Reporting

Keeping you informed of the successes we are achieving is one of the most enjoyable activities in our process. You can of course expect to share successes during the monthly (telephone) reports, but also in between. We have been selected for drive and enthusiasm. That's where we get our energy from!

Increase your online reach with:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Goggle Ads

social media

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