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You have a product or service that you offer online. The website is there, but you could use some more visitors. That can be for several reasons. Maybe you have just launched your website, you are starting a new campaign or you want to boost the number of sales or leads with more traffic. Whatever the reason, you can always get more website traffic in the same ways: buy traffic or drive traffic to your website unpaid, such as with free traffic from search engines or from social media.

We see it a lot: someone wants more free traffic, but the website has flaws. We prefer to start by improving the basics, such as technology and content.

8 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Do you want more traffic to your website? Download 8 ways to drive more traffic to your website easily & for free!

More Traffic

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This is how we help you get more traffic

There is a good chance that you want to generate more conversions with your website. But without traffic, little action will take place. This is how we ensure more and, above all, relevant traffic:

1: In conversation together

To find out what the best strategy is, we first need to clarify your problem or issue. Why do you want more traffic? How are you doing? How's your business? What is the quality of your website? What is your budget? What do you want to achieve? What have you done so far to get traffic? These are all questions that will be discussed in a first conversation.

2. 0 measurement & target

If we conclude together that more traffic is the best solution for your problem or challenge, we will analyze your results at this moment. Based on this, we formulate realistic SMART objectives together.

3. Determining Strategy

Now we go back to our desk, armed with the necessary information. We determine a suitable strategy that will achieve your objectives. That can be the use of paid media, social media or optimizing for the free results in Google . Chances are it will be a mix of channels. We present this strategy advice to you personally.

4. Team building & planning

After approval, we check off our checklist with everything we need to get started (for example access to Google Ads account). We put together a team. Don't worry, you always have one contact person/project leader. Together with the team we make an annual plan and a monthly plan.

5. Get to work

Do you have questions? Then we are always available for you. Sometimes we discover new opportunities during the work. A proposal to change strategy and/or shift budgets is not uncommon with us. This is because we are not task-oriented, but goal-oriented. Everything we do serves your purpose, not the channel.

6. Reporting

Of course we want to report all those great results in a great way. You will receive a link to a (customized) Google Data Studio dashboard. This can be viewed at any time with real-time data. Every month you will receive an analysis and action points that we explain over the phone. Oh yes, we love to share moments of success every now and then!

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