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Large webshops, small webshops, webshops for clothing or webshops for tools. You have them in all shapes and sizes. You can not imagine whether it is for sale online. Do you have a webshop, but do you have disappointing results? Or do you want to start a new webshop? Then we help you with a converting, functional, findable and attractive WooCommerce webshop that even your mother manages!

With WooCommerce, you can also sell services with an extension in addition to physical products. Think of rental or services.

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5 Facts about WooCommerce Webshops

36% of consumers click on logos to reach the homepage.

Expand your WooCommerce webshop with plugins for functionalities that you need. Choose from over 331 official WooCommerce plugins, some of which are free.

WooCommerce has been downloaded about 86 million times worldwide.

Manage your inventory with Woocommerce, create coupons and choose from various payment options.

You can send automatic emails to cart abandoners.

This is how we build your WooCommerce webshop

We easily link WooCommerce to a WordPress website with the plugin. Do you want to know how we build a webshop from A to Z?

1. Kick off

During the kick-off meeting we map out your wishes. Do you want to start a new webshop or do you already have a webshop, but do you want to switch to WooCommerce? Or do you simply want to become easier to find with your webshop? Everything is possible. We map the current situation and collect information for a suitable offer.

2. Creating buyer personas

After approval, we start at the beginning: who is your ideal customer? We describe these in detail, from emotions to demographics. He or she even gets a name and a face. This way we know during the process who we are addressing with the webshop and we make decisions based on the needs of these buyer personas (s).

3. Start wireframing

Now that your wishes and buyer personas are clear, we have enough ammunition to start with the first sketches. The design team processes these in wireframes in collaboration with marketing. These are functional blueprints of every kind of page of the webshop. If you have a style handbook, we would be happy to receive it.

4. The design phase

After a number of feedback rounds, you are completely satisfied with the look-and-feel and structure of your webshop. Our UI specialists convert the wireframes into designs for every kind of page of your webshop, such as the category page, the product page and the contact page. We present this to you personally.

5. UX Testing

The advantage of collaborating with Scherp Online is that each team with its own specialist knowledge will work on your new webshop. After the design team has done its job, our UX specialists (if within the time and budget) will test for user experience with qualitative and quantitative research.

6. Development phase

In the development phase, our developers start developing your WordPress website. This is done on our own test server, to which you also get access to follow the progress. In this phase, we also provide the necessary links with, for example, Google Ads (Shopping) and of course WooCommerce.

7. Testing

If desired, we fill the webshop with all your products, ensure that all titles and meta descriptions are filled and other parts are SEO-friendly. For example, think of the speed and the images. We test the website one last time and ask you to do the same.

8. Delivery website

Once the webshop has been finalized and everything is working properly, it is ready for launch. We set up the server plan and migrate the content to the new server. After converting the DNS, your webshop will go live. The end point for development has been reached and that should be celebrated!

9. Responsive and SEO Friendly

Your webshop is always responsive (adapts to any device) and we deliver SEO-friendly. That is the advantage of working with a diverse team with different specialisms. This way we ensure that your webshop is not only beautiful, but also converts and is found well.

3 reasons to choose a WooCommerce webshop

With the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress websites you can easily manage your webshop.

WooCommerce is the perfect ecommerce platform for every entrepreneur. Expand the functionalities as desired by means of plugins.

Sell ​​anything you want with WooCommerce. Whether it is (digital) products, appointments or rental.

Get easy insight into the performance of your webshop with WooCommerce Analytics.

Do you also want a WooCommerce webshop? Let's work together!


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