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We are not influenced by the fear of many people for the changing SEO landscape. With clear, sustainable strategies driven by facts and proven methods, we make your website easier to find in Google's free results.

Unfortunately, there is no secret ingredient that will get your website to a #1 position in Google. Success lies in the combination of the right people at the controls, tools and strategy.

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5 Facts about SEO

75% of users do not scroll past page one of the search results pages.

50% of the search terms consist of at least 4 words.

Search engines generate 10 times more traffic to webshops than social media.

20% of search terms in Google are used for the first time.

SEO can increase the conversion rate to 14.6% if done properly.

This is how we help you to higher positions in Google

When you invest in SEO, you invest in the future. A sustainable future that will bear fruit for a long time to come. Curious about our approach?

1. 0 measurement

It starts with the 0 measurements. To know where you want to go, you need to know where you stand. SEO is about creating relevant content with a technically sound website and building authority with it. Are you already being talked about a lot online? Then we would rather spend more time creating relevant content. We also evaluate the technical aspects of your website in this phase.

2. Keyword Research

First of all, we investigate who you are, who your customers are and what your goals are. Then, with your input, we will investigate how much is searched for relevant keywords and we discover related keywords. In this way, we learn to understand your target group. We use this research to create relevant, authentic content.

3. Formulate SEO objectives

To measure SEO success, we need to know where we want to go. That is why we draw up KPIs that serve SMART objectives that are in line with business goals. For example, a KPI for SEO could be increasing keyword positions and the objective could be increasing website traffic.

4. Market and Competitive Analysis

In Google we look at what the search results page looks like for relevant keywords. Is that search results, videos, lots or few ads? We are going to see what competitors we see. We learn from that. What do landing pages look like? How can we top that? We also dive into the market to learn everything about your business.

5. Action plan

It's time to determine tactics and strategy. We create content based on themes. for which individual pages come. We link to that in specific blogs around that theme. We use keyword research for this. We compile an action list for all technical improvement points and make a link-building plan.

6. Export

This is where most of the work goes because the output has no deadline. We must continuously create content, links must always be maintained and expanded and the website must be technically 100% in order 24/7. By means of content and link-building planning, we work according to a fixed pattern on SEO to achieve your goals!

3 reasons to invest in SEO

Who wouldn’t want to appear in Google’s organic (free) results? This is only possible by investing in SEO.

Users are more likely to see organic results as reliable . People are increasingly aware of the fork in advertising and organic results.

If you do SEO right, well-running pages can pay off for years.

Search engines are smart but need our help. By optimizing your website, you provide better information to be displayed well.

Interested in SEO? Let's work together!

Interested in SEO? Let's work together!


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