What is a wireframe? Why do I need one?

As part of our web design services, we offer a 10-step predevelopment process that helps us execute your vision for your new site. 10 steps sounds like a lot, and it is! But it’s also the best way for us to get to know you and your organization so we can build you a website that speaks to your goals, your vision, and your company culture. The process includes design comps, wireframes, conversations with key stakeholders and potential site users, all with the goal of developing the perfect web experience, tailored to the needs of your audience. Every piece of that puzzle has value, but today we’re talking about the Wireframe. 

What is a wireframe? Why do I need one? 

Not unlike an architectural blueprint, the wireframe provides a map for how the site will be built. It goes beyond what’s provided on the site map, to show not just what elements will be included on each page, but how the elements will be laid out on the page. It takes into account the user interface design, to consider how your final users will interact with each section of the page. Where will there be images, movement, or calls to action? It all comes to light in the wireframe. 

By building the wireframe early in the design process, we’re able to gain buy-in from all project stakeholders, both on the client side and the development side. It provides the confidence and commitment needed to move forward in the same direction, eliminating surprises down the line. As stakeholders discuss the wireframes, the development and design teams are able to make iterative changes to the site, without incurring costly development fees by making changes further down the line. Furthermore, considering the UI/UX aspects of the site separately from the graphical elements helps to focus on the user interface alone, without getting distracted by stock image choices, font color, or other visual elements. 

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